About the County of Caithness

The most northerly county in mainland Britain Caithness has a population of less than 30,000. The two main towns are Wick, the former County town and Thurso with close links to the UKAEA site at Dounreay. The county is well known for its rugged natural beauty and has often been described as the lowlands beyond the Highlands owing to the large expanse of open farmland and peatlands (the world famous Flow Country). The county of the big sky and striking coastline Caithness can be seen as a quiet backwater where the pace of life is slower than in most parts of the country. The area has a low crime rate and this coupled with the natural warmth of the local people make it a good place in which to bring up a family. However, contrary to the expectations of some there are also plenty of activities available. Amongst the many outdoor pursuits are walking, cycling, canoeing and surfing. There are also numerous clubs for those with an interest in sports, music, crafts and any number of other pursuits.

Caithness is a county in which you can lead a full healthy and active life free from many of the stresses and strains of modern living and compared with many parts of Britain property prices are low!