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>> How to use this web site

When you first enter the Caithness Properties web site, there will be a pane at the top (dark blue background), and the left hand side (brighter blue background). 

This is what the top pane looks like;


From the left, there is the Caithness Solicitors Property Centre Logo, then the Search Facility, then the Property Count.

The search facility is exemplified below, click here to go there now.

The Property Count displays the total number of properties for sale on the website.

This is what the left pane looks like;

From  top to bottom, 
There are browsing categories, these are split up by Area. 
Then there are subcategories for each area which allow you to view properties by price range.  

When you have clicked one of the above buttons, the appropriate page will appear in the center pane, this is best identified by its white background.


If you are still having difficulty using this website our web designers will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and help you in any way possible.

Note: clicking the above links labeled 'contact us' and 'web designers', will open your default email application, and create a new mail message with our email address inserted for you.

> How to use the search facility

There are two types of search facility on this website. A Keyword Search and a Search Facility.  These are explained separately below.

Search Facility

You can get to the Advanced search facility by clicking on the orange link labeled 'Advanced Search Facility' in the top pane of the web site.

Once you have clicked on this link, you will be presented with a more advanced form, in the centre pane of the web site. Help

It should look like this;
Advanced Search Screenshot

From the top to bottom;

'Select Area' allows you to select either a single area to search within  Thurso or Wick or Commercial or Plot/Land or Other Counties or all the areas.
'Select Field' allows you to search the specific field of the property.  i.e. Title or Description or Reference Number

This is shown below:

'Select Order' allows you to order the results page in ascending or descending for the Value of the Property or by address.

'Enter Keywords' allows you to enter keywords (case sensitive) to look for in a property. e.g. 3 bedroom, garage, 45000

Keyword Search

This is best identified by looking at the top pane (dark blue background) of the website. Help

This is the part of the top pane to focus your attention on;

Once you have finished entering your keywords in the white box, click the button 'Search'.

There may be a short delay before your search results appear in the centre pane.  Help

> How to download more information

When viewing a property on the web site, there is a feature that allows you to download a more detailed document, to your computer's hard disk.

Just look out for the '[Download more Information]' link.

After clicking on the link, you will be presented with a feedback form which you must complete.

Please enter only valid information.  This allows the selling agent to contact you in future.  If you are worried about how we use your personal details, please refer to the privacy policy.

Once you have filled in your details, click the button 'Send'.  There may be a short delay while your details are sent to the selling agent.

You will then be presented with the download instructions.

Once you have clicked on the link labeled 'Download by Clicking here', there are two things which might happen.

Firstly, Adobe Acrobat will load into your browser, integrating itself with the website, and the document containing the extra information will be displayed.

Secondly, you may be prompted to download the file onto your hard disk.  This means that you don't have a program installed on your computer, that is able to read the file containing the extra information. See the help topic on How to read the downloaded information.

> How to read the downloaded information

To read the downloaded information, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. More information can be found on the Adobe Website, using the link below

Download the Free Version of Adobe Acrobat Reader

> How to contact us

Contacting any member firms could not be easier:-

Young Robertson & Co:
Macpherson & Co.
D W Georgeson & Son
Dunnett & Co

Our telephone numbers are displayed underneath each property we have for sale on the web site.

Or look at the About Members page.

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